Nestled on the bank of the Hudson River between the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, Hoboken serves as a major transportation hub, with trains, buses and ferries providing access to New York City in less than half an hour.  As a result, many young commuters have joined the traditional residents of the city, increasing the population and the per capita income substantially.  Hoboken residents live in apartments, condos and brownstone houses all within a mile square.  An active night life, social clubs, and local sports teams fuel the fast paced life.

Founded in 1830 by the Dutch, Hoboken has transformed from a farming community, to an industrial capital, to a thriving urban community. Sometimes known as the ‘Mile Square City’ and the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken is located on the Hudson River, just opposite New York City. This prime location affords incredible views of the NYC skyline!

Hoboken has approximately 48 streets, laid out in a grid. The numbered streets run east – west. Most of the north – south streets are named after Presidents . . . Washington, Adams, Madison and Monroe. The main business district in Hoboken runs along Washington Street.

Hoboken affords a wide variety of real estate. Brownstones (both houses and condos), town-homes, condos and rental apartments are all readily available. There is no shortage in restaurants in Hoboken. Nestled among Hoboken’s varied neighborhoods are Hoboken’s parks. The Pier A park at 2nd and River Streets, and the 14th Street Pier at 14th Street and Constitution Way, provide wonderful views of New York City, the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River. The City of Hoboken’s official web site  provides more information on the city’s park system.

Hoboken’s transportation facilities are unequaled, making it very easy to commute to NYC and surrounding New Jersey Communities.