About Hudson County

Hudson County, smallest in New Jersey but also the state’s most densely populated, is home to more than 600,000 people.  Want to join them?  Hoboken gets most of the press, but take a good look at each of the twelve municipalities before deciding where to live, as each has a unique feel and pace.


Nestled on the bank of the Hudson River between the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, Hoboken serves as a major transportation hub, with trains, buses and ferries providing access to New York City in less than half an hour.  As a result, many young commuters have joined the traditional residents of the city, increasing the population and the per capita income substantially.  Hoboken residents live in apartments, condos and brownstone houses all within a mile square.  An active night life, social clubs, and local sports teams fuel the fast paced life. [More Info...]

Jersey City

The County Seat, Jersey City is the second largest city by population in New Jersey, and it shows!  You can find every sort of neighbor and neighborhood within the city.  The historic downtown area has brownstone and brick row houses as well as modified warehouses and loft-style apartments mixed in between the chic shops and restaurants.  Major financial firms occupy much of the downtown waterfront area. Local mom and pop stores occupy the main shopping areas in The Heights where you can find a single or two family home or an apartment above the store.  Lincoln Park on the west side of town has public tennis courts, track, barbecue areas – you would think you were in the suburbs!


If you want a suburban lifestyle but the convenience of the city, check out Weehawken.  In the King’s Bluff area you will find gorgeous million dollar homes with priceless views of Manhattan.  Weehawken’s housing stock also includes lovely Victorian homes with wide porches for sitting and relaxing.  Ferries from the waterfront zip residents straight to midtown Manhattan.

Union City

Union City is a city on the move.  Everywhere you go, you hear hammers and saws as new owners renovate older apartments and turn two and three family homes back into single family homes.