If you want a suburban lifestyle but the convenience of the city, check out Weehawken.  In the King’s Bluff area you will find gorgeous million dollar homes with priceless views of Manhattan.  Weehawken’s housing stock also includes lovely Victorian homes with wide porches for sitting and relaxing.  Ferries from the waterfront zip residents straight to midtown Manhattan.

Weehawken is one of the most commuter friendly towns in the country. For those working in or travelling to New York City, accessibility is available by any number of means. For those living close or adjacent to the Blvd. East area, the options are especially numerous.

Minivans: Privately operated minivans run along Blvd. East 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, terminating either at the Port Authority Bus Terminal or along various points on West 42nd St. The fare each way is $3.00.

New Jersey Transit

The Boulevard East area of Weehawken is also served by NJ Transit. From Weehawken, the one way fare is $3.20. Bus service in this area is 24/7, although later and early morning hours service is limited to one per hour. Schedules for each bus by number are available online at NJ Transit’s website. Several NJ Transit bus lines cover the Boulevard East route, their various numbers indicating only their point of origin. All terminate at NYC’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. These buses are:

For those living nearer to the Park Ave section of Weehawken, NJ Transit service is provided by Bus #156

Privately operated minivans run along South Marginal Hwy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These vans terminate at the Port Authority Bus Terminal or along West 42nd Street. The fare is $3.00 one way.

The southern end of town is served by NJ Transit Bus #123 with a stop at the corner of Palisade and Highpoint Aves. The #123 service out of NYC, on weekdays terminates at 1:15 AM resuming at 6:23 AM the following weekday morning. Service on this line into New York City ends at 11:50 PM and resumes at 5:50 AM on the following weekday morning.

For those who require PATH service into Manhattan, the #89 bus runs along Park Ave through Weehawken and terminates at the PATH station.

Certainly the most picturesque of commutes is to be had by the Ferry Service offered by New York Waterways. Service is offered to both midtown Manhattan and the financial district. Full information on routes and schedules can be found at:

Port Imperial 

Lincoln Harbor 

NY Water Ways Website

Additionally, in order to make access to the ferry service as easy as possible, Weehawken provides free shuttle service on Monday thru Friday beginning at 6:30 AM and ending at 10:15 PM. Routes, maps, and further information can be found at:

www.weehawken-nj.us  Click on other resources/transportation.

Complementing the bus and ferry service available, Weehawken is also served by NJ Transit’s Light Rail providing Weehawken residents with transportation to Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne, allowing access to the PATH, NJ Transit Rail and NY Waterway ferries as well as Liberty State Park, the Liberty Science Center and the Newport Center Mall.

Scheduling and route information for all NJ Transit options is easily available at: New Jersey Transit

For private car service, Weehawken is served by many car services which are available 24/7. The following is but a sampling of the many cabs and car services that serve the Weehawken area:

Once again all commuter transportation information is easily accessible at: www.weehawken-nj.us